“Off Grid” By Holiday Ghosts

UK band and FatCat Recording artists Holiday Ghosts, recently announced their singing to FatCat Records (Honeyblood, Paws). The band will release their new LP North Street Air on May 21. The band have share a vide for their latest single “Off Grid.”

Holiday Ghosts includes drummer Katja Rackin and guitarist Sam Stacpoole. Their music touches on themes of breaking out of moulds and expectations whilst addressing displacement, disillusionment, and living in the midst of heavy advertising and commercial landscapes, spider their way through the new record.

Where the album’s opening single “Mr. Herandi” – a song about the band’s landlord – assessed capitalism’s impact on creative cultures, new track “Off Grid” focusses on feelings of disconnection from the day-to-day. Guitarist Sam Stacpoole expands: “The song is made up of snap shots of city life, and of being alone with summer moods and feelings that makes it hard to go back to regular life. The music shares that same kind of excitement and fast paced feeling and flits between real every-day routines and imagined reactions to them.”

Holiday Ghosts
North Street Air
FatCat Records
track listing

1. Mr. Herandi
2. Off Grid
3. Blood Orange
4. North Street Air
5. Bathing Suit
6. 3rd Dream
7. Makin A Fool
8. Total Crisis
9. Leaving Today
10. Told My Baby
11. Glue
12. Wallpaper


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