The Paranoyds Share Video For “Egg Salad”

The Paranoyds have dropped a new video for track "Egg Salad"
The Paranoyds "Egg Salad"

The Paranoyds have dropped a new video for track “Egg Salad”, the track is off their current release Carnage Bargain, now available via Suicide Squeeze.  The video’s director Nicole Stunwyck comments “The video presents the glitzy & glamorous world of a teenage girl who, after accidentally catching a beauty pageant on TV, dreams of her rise to stardom & subsequent downfall… It’s not a commentary on anything but an experimental depiction of my own personal fascination for young tragic starlets alà Valley of The Dolls.”

“We’re living in the dystopian future. Our lives are completely tracked and programmed, our extension of ourselves is a handheld computer with a microphone and camera that stays on while were unaware, and, on top of everything, the extreme right is gaining continuous world power,” The Paranoyds explain of their name. “What isn’t there to be paranoyd about?”

The Paranoyds began when Staz Lindes (bass/vocals) and Laila Hashemi (keys/vocals), met over Myspace in their early teens. Bonded by a shared interest in local underground music, the pair eventually moved their online friendship into the real world. Laila’s childhood friend Lexi Funston was brought into the fold and the first vestiges of The Paranoyds began to take shape. “We would all go to our friends’ shows and it hit us that we could start a band and play shows too,” Funston says. With the addition of drummer David Ruiz in 2015, the band found the perfect personnel for their sonic balance of jubilant energy and foreboding undercurrents.