Pollen by Tennis album review by Greg Walker. The duo's full-length drops on February 10, via Mutually Detrimental label/Thirty Tigers




Husband and wife duo, Tennis, out of Denver, CO have been making their 60’s meets 80’s glitter indie since 2011, garnering attention and billboard success, and putting out one solid album after another. Sometimes written on their sailing trips, there is a romanticism to their sound and words. But like the title track of this album, there’s a stark realism, as well.

“Pollen,” the title track of the album, with its retro melody and funky drive, is a song that is sure to find fans who share the protagonist’s terrible bout with seasonal allergies. But, as a center piece for the album, it seems to be about the desire to “get ahead” but running into inevitable obstacles. Like the opening track, “Forbidden Doors,” there’s a lot to consider in life, if we’re not going to do damage to ourselves or others, or be on the receiving end of some sort of drama.

Their music is ecstatic, sensual, reaching. “Take a step, we’re on the air / Take a step we’re better.” But like good literature, there is, in the mix, conflict, doubt, and turmoil. “Can’t speak cause I falter / I remember nothing / I could leave everything.” A reoccurring image on the album, fit for a married couple is, “your hand on my thigh.” Tennis have a magical way of making the listener feel the urges of romantic love, in their liquid gold sound and in their evocative poetry. But it is music fit, as well, for the mind as the body. The puzzle finders and the truth seekers. (Alaina Moore almost became a lawyer instead of an indie rock star).

Each of the ten tracks is expertly crafted, in line with their previous work, and it is a brilliant listen from start to end. I think that fans of Tennis will be pleased, and have new favorites to add to their growing number of hit-quality songs. Put out on their own, Mutually Detrimental label, something that has allowed them creative freedom (and perhaps financial benefits), it is signature Tennis, and continues an already impressive legacy.

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