Tearjerker drop new track “Obviously Wrong”

Tearjerker share new track "Obviously Wrong" from their forthcoming full-length 'Stay Wild,'

Tearjerker releases their new album Stay Wild on July 17th. The band is sharing the album’s first single “Obviously Wrong” which is now available to stream.

Tearjerker has released two albums, an EP, a few remix projects, and a handful of singles, completely independently. The trio released Hiding EP in 2014, which featured the single “You Can.”

Everything, from the writing, recording, production and album artwork has come from the three of them. Tearjerker has released special edition cassettes of their albums with handmade packaging, lending a personal, tangible feel to each offering.

Just as with past releases, the guys recorded and mixed the album at home, designed all of the artwork, and the physical versions of the album will have a handcrafted touch. “It’s cool that we are able to do everything on our own,” Tearjerker’s Trevor Hawkins notes. “Mixing the album in the comforts of home allows me to pay attention to the smallest details without the worry of studio costs.”

“We spent a lot of time getting everything right with this record,” Taylor Shute explains. “From a hanging note at the end of a song, to a barely audible sample in a breakdown in the middle of a track, we tried to make a record that will reward repeated listens.” “We take pride in making a really cool product that we can hold,” Hawkins says. “It’s exciting for us as much as it is for anybody who is a fan.”

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