Women In Music Pt. III by Haim, album review by Adam Fink for Northern Transmissions

Women In Music Pt. III Haim

There are a lot of records that come out that are positioned to capture a moment. Those event albums that define a generation. Los…

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Mother Mother Dance And Cry Review For Northern Transmissions

Mother Mother ‘Dance And Cry’

In the last few years Vancouver’s Mother Mother has veered towards pop farther while their underlying writing continues to grow stranger in great ways….

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review of Wolf Parade's 'Cry Cry Cry' they

Wolf Parade ‘Cry Cry Cry’

Montreal’s Wolf Parade has always approached pop from unconventional places. For their fourth album, the band centers around moody pianos and organs to make…

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review of Feist's new LP 'Pleasure', now out

‘Pleasure’ by Feist

Never doing exactly what you’d expect Leslie Feist returns on her latest record after quite the hiatus yet doesn’t seem to have taken any…

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“Quiet Desperation” by Adiam

Berlin-based artist Adiam ingeniously mixes rugged post-punk and hip hop, electronic radiance, intelligent pop songwriting, and distinctively soulful R&B vocals to a unique musical…

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