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"Wake Me Up Again" Boniface is Northern Transmissions' Song of the Day,'

“Wake Me Up Again” Boniface

Boniface, recently shared the video for his new single, “Wake Me Back Up.” The track is now available via Royal Mountain/Transgressive Records. Recorded in…

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'No. 1' by Pottery, album review by Adam Williams for Northern Transmissions

‘No. 1’ Pottery

According to Pottery’s Facebook page, the five piece want you to ‘get on your feet, feel sick and dirty.” The Montreal band have primed…

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"Something Blue" by Ellis, is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.'

“Something Blue” Ellis

Ellis AKA: Linnea Siggelkow, or L.S. recently shared her new single “Something Blue”. On the track, Ellis says that: “I think everyone has a…

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