Up On Gravity Hill album by Metz review by Ben Lock for Northern Transmissions. The band's new LP drops on April 12 via Sub Pop/Royal Mountain


Up On Gravity Hill


The kings of dissonance and pummeling energy Metz are back with Up On Gravity Hill, a cathartic and melodic record hosting some of the band’s most groundbreaking songs to date.

Up On Gravity Hill is the band’s first album in four years and it is very apparent the band has really worked on their sound and evolved it into this beautiful yet noisy batch of songs. The album opens up with the 6 minute all killer no filler rager “No reservation/ Love comes,” a song that’s not only a perfect opener but a well-executed introduction to the world Metz has created on Up On Gravity Hill. After the sonic decimation of the opening track, we are hit with one of the best cuts off the record, “Glass Eye,” an angular and beautifully angry song that has all the elements I love from Metz with a slightly more evolved and emotionally charged core to the songwriting. Alex Edkins has really stepped up his game on vocals on this album and is really trying something different on every song, which is apparent right from the jump. The third song off the record and first single to catch my attention is Entwined ( Street Light Buzz), A song with a highly catchy chorus and thrashing drums throughout. The drive like jehu influence is strong on this one with the dissonant and ripping guitar lines in the verse sections. On this one, the band is experimenting with trance-like rhythms and repetitive vocal phrases; it is one of the most entertaining moments on the record.

As this latter half of the record begins its course, we hear the industrial and percussive intro of “Superior Mirage,” Another creative high point on the record that continues the energy dynamically and excitingly. “Wound Tight” is another poetic burst of energy with surprising riffs and timing changes that add depth to the album. “Never Still Again” Is dissonant and mind-bending right off the bat and doesn’t stay in one part for long, constantly growing into something bigger and more concise. The chef’s kiss of this unbelievable album is “Light Your Way Home,” The band’s dreamy and most dynamic song yet. A song that goes from soaring melodies and crushing guitar tones to soft-spoken vocals and industrial drum sounds. This track is a gorgeous wall of noise banger that feels psychedelic yet completely grounded and lucid in reality. A new chapter for the band and an exciting new direction for fans to look forward to.

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