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'Schlagenheim' by black midi, album review by Northern Transmissions

‘Schlagenheim’ black midi

There’s a lofty expectation lumped onto a group when they’re dubbed the “best band in London”; such an accolade was offered up by Shame…

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Grim Town by Soak album review for Northern Transmissions by Matthew Wardell

‘Grim Town’ Soak

Though Bridle Monds-Watson’s moniker SOAK is a self-ascribed blend of soul /folk, her sound seemed more of a blend of dreamy pop with hints…

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Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day' is "Sucker Punch" by PicaPica

“Sucker Punch” PicaPica

PicaPica will release their debut album Together & Apart, on June 7th, via Rough Trade Records. The full-length was recorded at the end of…

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