Goat Girl Debut “Motorway” Video

Goat Girl share new video "motorway." The track is off the band's forthcoming album 'Beneath The Waste' available June 7 2024 via Rough Trade
Goat Girl Photo Credit – Holly Whitaker

For their new video for “motorway”, the latest track from Goat Girl’s forthcoming album Below The Waste, the UK group collaborated with choreographer and director Holly Blakey, known for her work with Florence & The Machine, Harry Styles and Rosalia amongst others.

“Goat Girl are some of the coolest and most inspiring people I’ve met recently,” says Blakely of their collaboration, continuing “We wanted to make something that had a continual exasperation to it, rooted in fantasy, slightly broken and a playful reimagining of our ride on the motorway. The band spoke about these long drives they would go on as children or on tour and it reminded me of the times in my life when I’ve arrived at places, and also when I’ve left. I suppose in those moments I’m always observing, and when I do that, I find this curiosity into my own life. I guess I wanted to exploit the privacy we assume of our anonymous lives, our obsessions, our avoidance, our need for togetherness.”

The video’s hypnotic dancers are dressed in archival Vivienne Westwood pieces, styled by notable stylist Matthew Josephs. “Motorway marks a further delving into a long collaboration with Vivienne Westwood who never fail to arrive at the identity of my characters, be it in my live work or through film,” Blakely explains.

Below The Waste will be released on Rough Trade Records on June 7th, 2024. The album was co–produced by the band & John Spud Murphy (Lankum & black midi). Progressing from their angst-fueled self-titled debut (2018), to the escapist world of sophomore LP On All Fours (2021),.

Singer Lottie Pendlebury says “motorway” was “born out of a desire to write a song where the main focal point was the voice. In listening to lots of music where the vocal line commanded all the attention through unexpected turns and developing melodies, I knew I wanted to try something similar. I sat with a simple sub bass line and experimented with letting the voice move however it wanted and recorded a video of myself to capture the moment. ‘Driving on the motorway’ were initially the only lyrics I had and would annoy everyone by repeatedly singing them. It became this really catchy riff that found its place as the track’s opening line and of course, main theme. It conjured up feelings of being a kid in the backseat of a car, not knowing where you’re heading but feeling content, or the fleeting moments you spend in new cities, and how the journey rather than destination sometimes feels like the main component.

Instrumentally writing together, we naturally gravitated to a more electronic sound which suited the pop-esque style of the track. As a band we have a shared love for pop music of the noughties and would reference tracks like Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness or Day n Nite to try and reflect in the song. We really lent into the epicness of this track and its pop sensibilities, through holly’s melodic sub bass synth that constantly weaves between the vocals, rosy’s drum beats that in their space create heaviness, and the Juno 60 that chimes away throughout the chorus. Whilst leaning in we also wanted to subvert the classic pop ballad trope and include organic instruments, like the air organ that plays the main chords heard in the chorus, placing the sonic in a unique place.”

Goat Girl
Below The Waste
Rough Trade Records

ride around
words fell out
play it down
where’s ur <3
take it away
pretty faces
jump sludge
sleep talk

Goat Girl 2024 Live Dates

Outstore UK Tour

June 7 – Kingston – Banquet
June 8 – London – Rough Trade East
June 9 – Nottingham – Rough Trade Nottingham + Bear Tree Foundry
June 9 – Sheffield – Bear Tree
June 10 – Leeds – Crash Records
June 11 – Bristol – Rough Trade
June 12 – Brighton – Resident Records

EU Tour
Oct 8 – France Paris Point Ephémère
Oct 9 – Belgium Brussels AB Club
Oct 10 – Luxembourg City Rotondes
Oct 11 – Germany Nürnberg Pop Festival
Oct 12 – Germany Cologne MTC
Oct 13 – Germany Berlin Privatclub
Oct 14 – Netherlands Utrecht Ekko

UK Tour
Nov 21 – Leeds Irish Centre
Nov 22 – Edinburgh La Belle Angele
Nov 23 – Birmingham the Castle & Falcon
Nov 27 – Southampton Papillon
Nov 28 – Brixton Electric, Londo

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