Synthetic ID Shares “Ciphers” via The Fader, ‘Impulses’ out April 22


From the depths of the San Francisco scene comes Synthetic ID, who have readied their new full length album ‘Impulses’ for an April 22nd release on Castle Face Records. Following the releases of ‘Apertures’ (1-2-3-4 Go!), a self-titled EP (Cut the Cord That…), and the ‘Escapement’ 7” (Crime On The Moon), the band continues on an upward trajectory it established with their head-turning live show. The Fader is streaming the masterful track “Ciphers” now. Listen on Soundcloud.

Members Nic Lang, Jake Dudley, Will, & Paul Lucich recorded their new album in one hot July day with Phil Manley (Trans Am, Phil Manley Life Coach) at the helm in San Francisco at El Studio. From start to finish, the album is an urgent, tense portrayal of the neurosis that is more timely than ever.

After Castle Face asked the band to play their SF Holiday benefit show years ago, the band stayed in touch with John Dwyer after he moved to Los Angeles, and they ultimately got him the tracks for the new album and the rest is history. From the pulsing intro track, “Blind Spots” to the uptempo chant of “I’m running but I go nowhere” in “A False Awakening”, ‘Impulses’ is a wildly disorienting soundscape between alienation and collapse.

From John Dwyer:

“A hermetically sealed punk broadcast from a bunker

this guitar is untying a knot of wires

Vocals like watching a fight where two men exchange tit for tat face blows

Surgical drums

Bass grown under glass

the occasional synthesizer like you didn’t know you were thirsty till water crossed your lips

wound tight, lock-jawed

no rust on these gears

Chilly production crystallizes these post-apocalyptic poems from San Francisco”

unnamed (25)
1. Blind Spots
2. The Shape is Drawn
3. The Caged Brain
4. Replacement Parts
5. A False Awakening
6. Note for Note
7. Is The Day Done
8. Ciphers
9. Changing Frequencies
10. Silhouettes
11. Forced Exhalations
12. An Interpose
13. I See Patterns