“Surely Travel” by Status/Non-Status

In an almost nostalgic nod to the road, Status/Non-Status have shared the new video for “Surely Travel”, the title track from their most recent LP. “This video is a journey through memories, comprising family videos as well as photographs taken during the last year of touring the album Surely Travel,” says songwriter Adam Sturgeon. “In some ways, it is a diary or scrapbook that has weathered over the passage of time. These films have aged as well as our bodies from all this time on the road. “Surely Travel” is a heartfelt and nostalgic visual trip that serves this song and the feelings we leave behind in transit, the emotional baggage we carry along with us, and the hope and optimism we seek to find with every new destination we reach.”

What’s revealed when you archive the quiet moments during time spent on the road? For Adam Sturgeon, the result is a crystalline glimpse into the unseen — and gratifying — moments of personal renovation we rarely pay attention to; where a blown out tire incites calm rather than rage, and moments of frustration invite grace instead of judgement. This is the vantage of Surely Travel, the latest album by Status/Non-Status, the evolving musical project of the Anishinaabe artist and community worker, and a close-knit group of collaborators.

Upcoming Live Dates:

October 5 – Windsor – Meteor
October 6 – London – Palasad Social Bowl
October 7 – Montreal – Tiny Fest

Stream Surely Travel HERE.


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