“Connecting” by OMBIIGIZI

OMBIIGIZI, the collaboration of Zoon (Daniel Monkman) and Status/Non-Status (Adam Sturgeon), returns with the new single “Connecting.” An exultant anthem awash in searing guitars and jangling rhythm that erupts in raw emotion, “‘Connecting’ explores the idea that we’ve not always been given a choice in how to define ourselves. Is it the Indian Act, our identities, our family or the company we keep. It starts with you and we believe,” OMBIIGIZI says.

Accompanied by an animated music video directed by Joseph Howard, “Connecting” is propelled by the growing harmony of Indigenous voices.

“What is connection? Who defines the path we follow? What choices do we have in the cycle? Why do we continue down a particular road? When will we find the solutions to the madness? Where will we go from there?”

“Connecting” is out today via Arts & Crafts. The sophomore album follow-up to 2022’s Sewn Back Together is anticipated for release later this year.

Stream “Connecting” HERE.


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