Stray Echo premiere “Concrete Daydream” remix

Stray Echo shares Charlie Klarsfeld's remix of "Concrete Daydream".

Stray Echo is a producer and songwriter, born and raised in New York City. Today, he premieres Charlie Klarsfeld’s remix of “Concrete Daydream”. His music fuses together an inimitable blend of high and low elements—contrasting layered electronics against improvised instruments—to create a unique sound entirely his own. His name came together after he adopted a stray dog and is symbolic of an animal being let out of its cage, to wander freely. Avoiding generic categorization, his debut EP takes the listener on an intimate journey that pulsates with a kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, and conflicting energies that come with love won and lost in same breath. Recorded in mostly low-key sessions in his home studio, the three-song strong EP was produced by Rich Cooper [Banks, Josef Salvat], Chris Camilleri [MSMR] and Stray Echo himself. The EP’s first single, “Ground,” features a broodingly impassioned duet with soul singer, Lolo. Never violent, but constantly on the verge of an explosion, both “Ground” and the pulsating second single ‘Concrete Daydream’ set the tone for the EP which seductively creeps, surges, expands, and releases with every note recorded.


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