“Straight Boy” by Shamir

Shamir, recently released a video for his single “Straight Boy”, the track is off his forthcoming release Revelations. The clip was Directed by Ryan Carpenter,

Shamir on the video for “Straight Boy”:

“’Straight Boy’ is white washing and queer bating in media. Its about how frustrating it was for me to have my whole identity picked apart at a young age just to see straight white men use it as an aesthetic choice. The video, quite unequivocally depicts the process of white washing and the repudiation of the queer and people of color who pioneered”.

Shamir recently signed with the San Francisco based indie label Father/Daughter Records, Shamir will release his new album, entitled Revelations, out November 3, 2017. The LP was recorded in his hometown of Las Vegas. “Revelations is full of what the titled implies. The new album is stacked with exhalations of emotion, as Shamir continues making music for misfits and those of us who feel so emo sometimes that we get annoyed at how we’re a cliché, but see the beauty in it anyway. The album is much more minimal in instrumentation & production compared to Rachet, but is even more full in sound and feeling. In some other timeline, there’s an unknown John Hughes film entirely set to Revelations. It’s the warmth in this apocalyptic neon and pastel future we find ourselves in. It’s the breath we take when we look up from our phones”.

Revelations is available for pre-order now and due out on 11/3 via Father/Daughter Records. Shamir and Father/Daughter will be donating $1 per sale to the Mental Health Association of PA.