“Stanley Kubrick” by Angry Blackmen

"Stanley Kubrick" by Angry Blackmen is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track s off the band's forthcoming album The Legend of ABM
"Stanley Kubrick" by Angry Blackmen is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Chicago hip-hop duo Angry Blackmen, includes Quentin Branch and Brian Warren — announce their new album, The Legend of ABM, out January 26th, 2024 on Deathbomb Arc, and present lead single/video, “Stanley Kubrick.” ABM’s second full-length and third release for Deathbomb, The Legend of ABM is described as a 30-minute coming of age narrative centered around Black men navigating this wilderness known as North America. A crucial and affecting inspiration was Richard Matheson’s 1954 post-apocalyptic horror novel I Am Legend: “For us, this album is kinda like our villain origin story, a bedtime story and introduction to those who have and haven’t heard of us yet. Black men have historically been the boogie men of America, so I think it’s fitting that we tell our own legend.”

Branch and Warren have been stretching their arms and tapping into different sounds since 2014, with Warren eventually suggesting they join forces as a duo towards the end of 2016. Just a year later, they smashed onto the scene with their debut single “OK!,” a prime introduction showcasing the two immensely skilled rappers’ adept ability at wielding the microphone (and doing so with good cause). Barely a month after “OK!”’s release, ABM dropped “Riot!,” a near-complete shift in sound that remained tethered to the sonic foundation they’d first built. The duo’s debut project, Talkshit!, weaved through the circles of underground, experimental rap. It was enough to grab the ears of Deathbomb Arc, the progressive Philadelphia-based label known for its avant and eclectic roster with releases from Death Grips, JPEGMAFIA, clipping., Julia Holter, U.S. Girls, and others. ABM’s first two releases for Deathbomb, HEADSHOTS! (2020) and REALITY! (2021), found ABM honing their craft and expanding their range.

Angry Blackmen
The Legend of ABM
Deathbomb Arc

1. Stanley Kubrick
2. FNA
3. The Legend of ABM
5. Suicidal Tendencies
7. Dead Men Tell No Lies (Feat. Fatboi Sharif)
8. Amor Propio (Feat. Nordra)
9. Sabotage
10. Outsiders (Feat. Skech185)
11. Magnum Opus (Feat. Abbie from Mars)

Pre-order The Legend of ABM by Angry Blackmen HERE


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