“Softly” Heaps

Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day' is "Softly" by Heaps
"Softly" by Heaps

“Charged within a roadside argument and struck by the juxtaposition of chaos against a peaceful August evening; our debut single, “Softly,” is an earnest meditation on emotional intelligence, what you present and who you are. We have a tendency to view each other as a finite work. Everyone is a process. Everyone is going to change.” Pastel Sketches on their new single “Softly.” The track is off the Toronto quartet’s forthcoming release What Is Heaps, out February 20th. Pastel Sketches play their next show on February 2nd in Ottawa, Ontario.

Pastel sketches’ debut forthcoming release What Is Heaps, was recorded at Union Sound with Leon Taheny (Fucked Up, Owen Pallett, Weaves) and James Bunton (Donovan Woods, For Esmé, Vivek Shraya) – was a special experience. The foundations of the record were crafted in a series of escapes: suburban Halifax bedrooms, rural Quebecois disconnection, renovated Michigan church seclusion and Dale Morningstar’s Gas Station on Toronto Island.