Sofi Tukker and Amadou & Mariam Collaborate

Sofi Tuker and Amadou & Mariam have collaborated on the single/video for "Mon Cheri." The song is released with Red Hot organization
Sofi Tuker and Amadou & Mariam have collaborated on the single/video for "Mon Cheri"

Sofi Tukker and Amadou & Mariam have collaborated on the single and music video for “Mon Cheri.” Recently released alongside the HIV/AIDS-fighting Red Hot organization, as part of the non-profit’s new charitable compilation album, Red Hot + Free, and a benefit for LGBTQ groups The Ally Coalition, Trevor Project and SAGE.

In the visual, directed by Cole Santiago (she/her), “Mon Cheri” soundtracks a series of reenactments that capture the chemistry of Miriam Abrams and Sarita Evans, the real-life queer couple shown dancing atop their bed in an enduring state of bliss. SOFI TUKKER bring the song to the steamy settings that fueled the infatuation of the relationship’s early days, while Amadou & Mariam join the party from across the world.

“We are so proud of this video,” says SOFI TUKKER. “Not only is it one of our favorite songs we’ve made with one of our favorite artists in the world, Amadou & Mariam, but it’s in collaboration with and support of Red Hot, which has been fighting AIDS since 1989. In the spirit of supporting the LGBTQ community, we wanted to tell the story of a real life queer couple. You can tell by the couple’s chemistry in the video that they are deeply in love with each other. It was important to us to have queer representation in the cast and crew, and the atmosphere on set was so unique and refreshing. We absolutely love how this video turned out, it makes us smile the whole way through. Nothing quite like a real life love story—and not just the young lover honeymoon phase—but also how love evolves, and transcends.”

Director Cole Santiago adds:

“This was a dream collaboration. SOFI TUKKER is known for their bangers so I was stoked for the opportunity to play with something that mixed an amazing narrative with an infectious beat. We toyed with a couple of ways to tell the story and once we found Sarita and Miriam (our lead couple), it guided the direction that we took and that truly, we always wanted to take. Our producers Alex & Christina were able to cast amazing younger versions of our couple and captivated the real life chemistry that Sarita and Miriam share. Casting was key and we ended up using our real life friends that make up a diverse queer community. The vision was to create a vibrant world that transported us out of Los Angeles and looked different than your usual pop video. The piece was truly a work of love from all involved, and it was so heartwarming to see the homies come out to support a cause that means so much to me.”

Amadou & Mariam agree, “We love the videoclip! The song is festive and universal. You can really feel the energy,” and Red Hot Co-Founder John Carlin says, “The ‘Mon Cheri’ video is amazing! We love the story and how Cole and team were able to make a universal LGBTQ valentine at a moment when the world needs a little more love!”


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