“So Long Mr. Fear” By Imaad Wasif

Imaad Wasif has shared a new video for “So Long Mr. Fear,” the title-track off his current release, now available via Sonic Ritual. The track begins with a staccato piano that stems from a childlike place, while it also has a pulling questionable, and pensive feeling. “”So Long Mr. Fear” is as much about love for the child within me, to the child in anyone that yearns to be free. I’m just so sick of being crippled by fear in so many parts of my life and wanted to write a song to shatter it.”

Filming the new video for “So Long Mr. Fear” wasn’t an easy job for director Jeff Hassay, but it also inspired the film takes throughout. “My infant son was literally strapped to me throughout the entire shoot adding a tinge of chaos that was fun to navigate,” Hassay says. “In a way, he was the co-director. I’m sure he thought that Imaad was singing the song to him. Was he going to scream or sleep?” As Imaad adds, “The camera was on a tripod and through every take I danced to the song to pacify the little visionary.”

To capture these reflective feelings Hassay explains, “I tried to make the video look a little like Neil Young’s On The Beach. It was shot near where I grew up, with the grainy fevered fog, oblivious passers by and the creepy darkness that settles into places where we were young, shrouding everything in mystery and wonder.”

Lyrics from “So Long Mr. Fear”:

“So Long Mr. Fear” lyrics:

It’s been so long, Mr. fear
we’ve been together since I was just a little boy
but you’re so bold to take back the years
the wind is cold, without you here I’m going haywire
you’re on my mind, out of time

Tell me do you love another more?
have you been walking after midnight in between the rain
I’ve watched it all disappear
out in the storm I said so long, so long Mr. fear
I’m terrified, I don’t deny

I want to fly
out of your shadow
I want to make it on my own
do you realize?
that I don’t know the way back home

In disbelief of the new disease
now that the veil is lifted, and I’m all twisted up
I step on through to your dimension
somewhere underneath the Indian moon I’m lost
I got the jab to keep you near
how can anything be the same now that I’ve been tossed
to the wolves in disguise

I want to fly
out of your shadow
I want to make it on my own
do you realize?
that I don’t know the way back home

Imaad Wasif
so long, so long, so long Mr. fear
Sonic Ritual

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