Smerz Announce New Album Allina

Smerz Announce New Album Allina. The Norwegian duo's new album drops on February 1st via Shopping Records and DSPs
Smerz announce new album Allina

Norwegian duo Smerz returns to announce the official release of ALLINA, the new EP that traces the quick rise (and fall) of a fictitious pop star experiencing 15 minutes of fame. While Allina made her formal debut at All-In’s SS24 show in Paris. Written, performed, and executive produced by Henriette Motzfeldt and Catharina Stoltenberg of Smerz, will see it’s official release on February 1, on the duo’s new label Shopping. Allina’s first single “My Producer” is about – her producer – and how they are going to make her a big, big star! Shot and directed by Allina’s producer, while they were having tons of fun in the studio, watch the music video for the single, starring Allina and her producer.

For their latest project, Smerz shifted their focus on a new main character, a rising pop star, finding faith and excitement in pop music’s ability to constantly renew itself through fearless plunder of the past and inclusion of all music and many disparate styles of genre. In just under 15 minutes, ALLINA packs in dance music, pop-rock, minimal electronic, world-building interludes, and sexy R&B; a true homage to the current state of pop music, honoring a genre caught somewhere between vigor and collapse.

While the rising pop star Allina is the main character of Smerz’s latest project, the duo has been steady at work on various Smerz-related productions including new Smerz music, then Henriette and Catharina produced “ASAP” on NewJeans 2023 Get Up EP, and last autumn the duo premiered a choir piece at the MUNCH Museum in Oslo.

Smerz & Allina
Shopping Records

1. Allina
2. Stylist
3. Paparazzi
4. New Shoes
5. Dance Rehearsal
6. My Producer
7. Je t’aime
8. Dangerous

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