“Sleepless” by My Invisible Friend

"Sleepless" by My Invisible Friend, is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'.

Fuzz Club recently announced their latest signing, the otherworldly shoegaze/noise pop trio My Invisible Friend, based out of Parma, Italy. Fuzz Club have become known as purveyors of all things noise and My Invisible Friend are undoubtedly testament to that. The band are set to release their self-titled EP on September 19th 2016.

“My Invisible Friend’s EP is three tracks of ethereal shoegaze propelled by a motorik, kraut-indebted drive – channeling the dark, murky depths of The Black Angels, the washed-out haze of MBV, the prettiness of Cocteau Twins and the unremitting motorik rhythms of Kraftwerk”.