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Sit Down For Dinner

Blonde Redhead

Northern Transmissions revisits some of their favourite albums of 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars because the indie music gods are about to bless us once again. It’s been a minute since we heard from the ethereal soundscape creators known as Blonde Redhead, but they’re back with their much-anticipated album, Sit Down For Dinner, set to drop this Friday. For those of you not in the know, Blonde Redhead is a band that’s been weaving sonic dreams for over two decades. Comprised of Kazu Makino and twin brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace, this trio has always been a bit of an enigma in the music world. And with each release, they’ve managed to take us on a musical journey that’s both intimate and otherworldly. So, let’s dig in and see what’s on the menu with Sit Down For Dinner.

From the very first note of Sit Down For Dinner, it’s clear that Blonde Redhead hasn’t lost their touch. They’ve always been masters of creating a musical atmosphere that feels like you’re floating through a dreamscape, and this album is no exception. The opening track, “Snowman,” sets the tone with its rhythmic, driving beat and hauntingly beautiful vocals. It’s the kind of song that draws you in immediately and refuses to let go.

One thing that has always set Blonde Redhead apart is their ability to create a sense of intimacy in their music. Even when their soundscapes are vast and sprawling, there’s a feeling that you’re right there with them, sharing in their emotions. This is especially true on tracks like “Kiss Her Kiss Her” and “I Thought You Should Know.” The delicate instrumentation and emotive singing make you feel like you’re eavesdropping on a private conversation between old friends.

But don’t think for a second that Sit Down For Dinner is all soft whispers and introspection. Blonde Redhead knows how to crank up the energy when they want to, and they do so with finesse on tracks like “Before” and “If” These songs are a sonic feast, with a driving beat, high level guitar work, and lyrics that read like a culinary adventure. It’s a heady mix that’ll have you dancing one moment and contemplating life’s mysteries the next.

The album’s production is top-notch. Every instrument and sound effect is meticulously placed, creating a sonic tapestry that’s rich in detail. It’s the kind of album that rewards multiple listens, as you discover new layers and textures with each spin. Whether you’re listening on headphones or through your trusty old stereo, Sit Down For Dinner is a sonic delight.

Kazu Makino’s vocals remain a highlight of Blonde Redhead’s sound. Her voice is a versatile instrument, capable of conveying both vulnerability and strength. On tracks like “Rest of her life,” her singing is achingly beautiful, while on “Melody Experiment,” she adopts a more sultry tone that adds an extra layer of intrigue to the song. It’s clear that Makino’s vocals are as captivating as ever, and she continues to be a driving force behind the band’s unique sound.

Blonde Redhead has always been known for their experimental tendencies, and Sit Down For Dinner is no exception. The album takes some unexpected sonic detours, incorporating elements of electronica and even a touch of psychedelia. “Via Savona” is a prime example of this experimentation, with its hypnotic synths that contrast and flow with the piano and dreamy vocals. It’s a song that feels like a journey through an unknown landscape, and it’s a testament to the band’s willingness to push boundaries.

As you make your way through the album, you’ll also notice the thematic thread running through it. Sit Down For Dinner is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a concept album that explores the idea of nourishment, both physical and emotional. The dinner table serves as a metaphor for the various ways we feed our bodies and souls, and the lyrics delve into themes of love, loss, and self-discovery. It’s an ambitious concept, and Blonde Redhead executes it with a grace that’s truly impressive.

In a music landscape that often prioritizes instant gratification and singles, Sit Down For Dinner is a reminder of the power of the album as a cohesive, immersive experience. Each song is a piece of a larger puzzle, and when you put them all together, you get a musical banquet that’s meant to be savored from start to finish. It’s an album that invites you to sit down, take your time, and savor every note.

Blonde Redhead’s Sit Down For Dinner is a triumph. It’s a testament to the band’s enduring creativity and their ability to craft music that’s both intimate and expansive. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their sound, this album is a must-listen. So, clear your schedule, set the table, and get ready for a musical feast like no other.


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