“Silverline” by Clarke & Walker

On March 4th, Clarke & Walker will release a new EP, Through The Clouds, worldwide via Rough Trade, featuring a handful of the tracks from their small catalog, rearranged anew. ‘Through The Clouds’ is meant as an introduction to the duo; in addition to “Silverline,” it features a new, stripped-down version of “Done” (ballads on opposite sides of love & loneliness), an alternate mix of the spooky Shirley Collins cover “Hares On The Mountain,” and the original album version of “The Tangled Tree,” a brilliant showcase of Clarke’s vocal range and expression. Today, the band premiered the EP version of “Silverline,” along with an liveRough Trade Session version of the track.

Walker is a talented guitarist and arranger, and the two of them are engaging and often funny in a live setting, where in addition to their own songs, they choose covers brilliantly, from Denny, to Jackson C. Frank, to Nina Simone, to death-obsessed traditional ballads. While Clarke is a classical music degree dropout, they’re both careful to note they’re public school kids who didn’t benefit from a conservatory education.

‘Through the Clouds’ EP Track List:
1. Silverline – new recording with guitar, calimba, and piano
2. Hares on the Mountain – new arrangement
3. The Tangled Tree – from ‘Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour’
4. Done – new acoustic recording