Nymph by Shygirl album review by Greg Walker for Northern Transmissions




“My only desire is to see your body over me / My only desire is to feel you rippling under me.” In Shygirl’s debut album, produced with heavy hitters like Arca, Mura Masa, and Sega Bodega, English rapper, DJ, singer and songwriter Blane Muise captures the rippling effect of the dance floor and the bedroom to a T. She lead the charge with widely successful single, Firefly: “It could be so long / Watchin’ you, waitin’, anticipatin’ / Just one touch would let me know.” And the album makes you crave and celebrate the romantic, the sexual touch.

Titled Nymph, that mischievous woodland creature, it could just as easily have been called Nympho. Shygirl doesn’t shy away from exploring the sexual impulse that is often felt on the club dance floor, in one song after another. Even dedicating one of the songs (inspired by watching a Madonna documentary) to her “Coochie,” talking about her “honey pot” (“Slick like honey”), the songs leave little to the imagination. Perhaps a sign of this generation’s unabashed perspective on sexuality.

It is a bold and beautifully executed album that will certainly breed dance albums of a predominantly sexual nature in its wake, and its share of haters and critics. It’s no wonder that she starts the album with the line, “You just love to hate, yeah, you do it so well / Smiling faces fade just to leave a shell.” If music had a rating, it would probably be a “XXX,” to some people’s excitement and others’ chagrin, to be sure.

Lyrics aside, it is the sound of future, with a magical array of vocal effects and three dimensional beats. Blane’s voice is as beautiful as can be, layered and layered to magnificent effect. It is a visceral album, sonically, and bodes well for electronic influenced R&B music. It’s a powerful album, to be sure, and she is an outlier in her field. Night clubs will be rocking this album, I think, for years to come.

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