“Sharevari” Aidan Noell & Nancy Whang

"Sharevari" by Aidan Noell & Nancy Whang is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is now available via DSPs
"Sharevari" by Aidan Noell & Nancy Whang is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Nation of Language band member Aidan Noell recently partnered with Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem and The Juan MacLean, on the track “Sharevari,” An homage to the post-disco, prototypical Detroit techno track that launched the genre when it was first released in 1981 by A Number of Names. The track was Produced and mixed by Nick Millhiser of Holy Ghost!.

“Sharevari (feat. Nancy Whang)” marks Aidan Noell’s third-ever solo release, following 2021’s “Selective Service” and 2020’s “Prepositional Phrase.” The collaboration evolved out of Nation of Language’s work with Nick Millhiser on their latest album, A Way Forward, whose background in dance music bolstered Noell’s desire to produce a faithful take on the original song. When Nancy Whang stopped by the studio one day, she ended up hopping in the booth to sing-yell a series of background vocals that brought an exciting element to the track.

“Making this song became about being someone else for a little while,” says Aidan Noell. “At a time when everything around us is difficult and grating and extremely real, for these six minutes I indulge in a total fantasy – an alternate universe, both of the past and future, that’s mysterious and sexy and fun. Inhabiting that world as a character who is unaffected and cool was a brief and welcome respite for me, and I hope that listening to it can transport others to that place as well.”

Nick Millhiser adds, “Finding ‘Sharevari’ in a $1 bin many years ago was a truly life changing experience for me. Somehow both rigid and loose, menacing but fun, I have in one way or another tried to manifest some small part of its spirit in just about everything I’ve made since. Never did it occur to me, however, to just cover it. But Aidan did. When I heard the demo I knew it would be super fun. It had its own ideas but seemed true to the original and all of its contradictions while adding its own with Aidan’s vocal, which somehow captures the robotic feeling of the original delivery without effects. It sounds like she’s just talking to you and yet it’s…scary. In the best way. Like the original. But not at all like the original.”

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