Sarah Mary Chadwick Shares “Drinkin’ on a Tuesday” Single + Video

Sarah Mary Chadwick Photo by Simon J Karis
Sarah Mary Chadwick Photo by Simon J Karis

New Zealand born, Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist and visual artist Sarah Mary Chadwick will release her eighth studio record Messages to God on September 15 via Kill Rock Stars. The new collection is composed of broad, brightly coloured spiritual strokes and consists of dramatic retellings of having your heart broken, existing, movement and growth.

A jaunty bar room mess with long-time collaborator and close friend Hank Clifton-Williamson and Chadwick playing dueling piano lines, “Drinkin’ on a Tuesday” is a meditation on the inevitability of ‘failure’ and how one responds & repairs, how you make a framework to contain you when things break. Chadwick shares, “This is a reverse resilience song, cause essentially it’s about bouncing back, but in the most lonely blinding searing way possible. It’s like the interior of a drunk’s mind, everything is bright and tragic and huge and dark and silent and everybody is new and bright. And all your jokes always land, every single one.”

Pre-order Messages to God HERE.


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