“Sacred Place” Jack Name

Magic Touch, is the forthcoming release from Jack Name. For over a decade, he’s been making music Los Angeles underground, contributing words and music to U.S. Girls (Heavy Light, 2020) and White Fence (Family Perfume, 2012); he’s produced recordings for Cass McCombs and collaborated with Ariel Pink; and his experimental music has been performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Magic was Recorded predominantly in Name’s Hollywood apartment with only a RADAR 24-track. “Whether it’s Chris Cohen’s delicate drumming on “Dudette,” the fragile voice of Izella Berman on “Empty Nights,” or the elegant electric piano and clavinet performances by Kenny Gilmore and Will Canzoneri throughout the album. There are no synths, no effects, and none of the studio razzle-dazzle that Name became known for with songs like “Pure Terror” and “Running After Ganymede.” Here there’s just an analog mixing board and an ensemble of ​Wrecking Crew​-level musicians from the LA underground.

“On Light Show and Weird Moons, Name took a sci-fi approach to dealing with heavy subjects like the role of psych meds in an increasingly authoritarian society, and his own bout with beating cancer. With ​Magic Touch,​ Name brings his lyrical and conceptual focus away from the dream worlds of his first two albums and back to Earth: a simpler place, or so it seems, where humans are falling in and out of love, struggling with loneliness, reaching for connections to each other, and, for better or worse, affecting each other. In a year like 2020, it’s a place that feels familiar and far away all at once.”

Jack Name – Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Drums – Henry Finds-tracks 1 8 9 & 10, Chris Cohen-track 3, Sweet Joey Valentine-track7
Keyboards – Kenny Gilmore – tracks 1 6 9 & 10, Seamus Garrity – track 3, Will Canzoneri – tracks 7 8 & 9
Nashville Guitars – Josh Puklavetz – track 4, Dillon Watson – track 7
Vocals – Izella Berman – track 4 & 7

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