S. Carey releases “Paralyzed (At Home Version)”

S. Carey has released "Paralyzed (At Home Version)", a stripped-back arrangement of "Paralyzed." The track is now out via DSPs
S. Carey has released "Paralyzed (At Home Version)", a stripped-back arrangement of "Paralyzed." The track is now out via DSPs

Multi-artist S. Carey has released “Paralyzed (At Home Version)”, a stripped-back arrangement of “Paralyzed”, a track from his 2022 album Break Me Open. The track was previously exclusively available via Bandcamp, as part of their Earth Day release with EarthPercent – a charity providing a simple way for artists and the music industry to support those at the forefront of climate justice – and is now widely available for the first time.

On ‘Paralyzed (At Home Version)’, S. Carey said:

“In this version of ‘Paralyzed,’ I wanted to bring you into my home, just me and a piano. The song reflects on that sinking feeling you get as a parent watching your children grow up way too fast right before your eyes.”

Break Me Open, released April 2022, was the fourth solo album from the songwriter, producer, polymathic instrumentalist and second longest-serving Bon Iver member, S. Carey, which was both more personal and collaborative than he could ever have predicted. In the four years since his previous Hundred Acres LP, Carey created the 10 songs against the most challenging and change-filled period of his life. From recording and reflecting at home in Eau Claire, WI, to joining forces with co-producers Chris Messina and Zach Hanson at a studio outpost in Gualala, CA, to experiencing an unforgettable epiphany during a serene moment of fly fishing in Montana, Break Me Open saw S. Carey confront the pain of his marriage falling apart, the passing of his father, and the growth of his children, only to emerge with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and generosity.

Now, the newly available home-recorded ‘Paralyzed (At Home Version)’ provides an even more intimate insight into that process, via the delicate yet emotion-filled stripped back arrangement of the album track.


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