Ryan Hemsworth collaborates with Ubisoft

Ryan Hemsworth collaborates with Ubisoft and Romeo et Fils via The Creator's Project,

Ryan Hemsworth releases a new music video from his 2014 debut LP, Alone For The First Time. The video is for “Surrounded” and is the third chapter of a trilogy of videos made with Montreal based production company Romeo et Fils. The Trilogy (City, Nature, Technology) consists of the videos for “One For Me”, “Snow In Newark”, and now “Surrounded” from the album. The video was produced in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal (the video game giant responsible for games like Assassins Creed and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell) and it was partly shot in their motion capture studio.

Ryan is releasing the video, which has long been in production, off the heels of a successful year of touring, growing his Secret Songs label, and releasing a collection of mixes and original music. Most notably, Ryan released an EP with Seattle based producer Lucas on his Secret Songs label. That EP, Taking Flight, was the first body of his own work that Ryan has released through the label. Ryan also released his first line of Secret Songs merch this year which is now available. Check out the video that blends Virtual Reality with the real world below.