Robbing Millions Shares “Tiny Tinto” Video

Robbing Millions shares New track 'Tiny Tino' and video. The track is off their LP Holidays Inside, available June 2021 via MGMT Records
"Tiny Tino" by Robbing Millions

Robbing Millions, is project of Belgian classically trained jazz guitarist Lucien Fraipont. Today has dropped his new singles, “Tiny Tino” and “Dynamic Plants”. The tracks are off his LP Holidays Inside, available June 25, via Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser’s homegrown label MGMT Records.

Speaking on the ‘Tiny Tino’ track and accompanying video, Fraipont says: “‘Tiny Tino’ is an ode to friendship and to the East LA neighbourhood where I stayed for several months working on Robbing Millions’ upcoming album. It’s also about trying to be someone you’re not. The little, scarier than intended, puppet you’ll see wandering around the neighbourhood in the video is trying to act cooler and tougher than it is. Although the song has a weird 9/4 time signature, I think of it as a naive playful song with a whistle friendly melody. You could see it as Robbing Millions’ take on salsa music.”

Producer Shags Chamberlain (Drugdealer, Mac Demarco and more…) talked about working on Holidays Inside, saying, “It’s really good music. Basically, it’s prog-pop, really catchy pop songs, but with some crazy time signatures and wild melodies. Lucien [Fraipont] is a trained jazz guitarist, so his sense of harmony is really well-developed. He’s an all-around great musician, but importantly also a great songwriter.”


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