Loss Of Life by MGMT album review by David Saxum for Northern Transmissions. The duo's full-length drops on February 23rd via Mom+Pop


Loss Of Life


MGMT’s latest offering, “Loss of Life,” delves deep into the realm of absurdism, mirroring its title with a poignant exploration of existential themes. Yet, instead of plunging into a pit of despair, the band deftly infuses their signature synth-pop sound with a paradoxical blend of darkness and light.

The album kicks off with the haunting “Loss of Life, Pt. 2,” an instrumental piece reminiscent of a surreal exhibit in a contemporary art gallery. Amidst eerie electronic keys, a disembodied voice poses existential questions about the nature of existence, from the affection of a woman to the color of milk. It’s a mesmerizing introduction that encapsulates the essence of absurdism, questioning the meaning of life against a backdrop of electro-pop beats.

Throughout the album, MGMT treats listeners to familiar yet innovative tracks that traverse the indie landscape. Songs like “Bubblegum Dog” and “Dancing in Babylon” seamlessly blend nostalgic guitar riffs with pulsating 80s synthesizers, sprinkled with hints of EDM. The result is a genre-defying experience that transcends time and expectation.

Tracks like “Nothing Changes” and “I Wish I Was Joking” delve deeper into the existential abyss, echoing the philosophical underpinnings of absurdism. Here, MGMT strips away the veneer of false narratives, embracing a bleary yet authentic perspective on life’s absurdities. Yet, their infusion of synth indie pop provides a counterbalance, infusing hope and energy into the album’s introspective moments.

In conclusion, “Loss of Life” stands as a testament to MGMT’s ongoing evolution, a captivating milestone that underscores their maturation both collectively as a band and individually as artists. With each meticulously crafted track, they beckon listeners into a labyrinth of introspection and emotional resonance, weaving a rich tapestry of sound that reverberates through the corridors of the mind long after the final note has dissipated into the ether.

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