Review: Green Day Live in Anaheim

Review: Green Day Live in Anaheim. David Saxum reviews the influential punk group's pop up show at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Photo by Drew A. Kelley.
Green Day Photo by Drew A. Kelley. Words by David Saxum.

Green Day, fresh from dropping their 14th studio album, are gearing up for their international tour debuting on June 5th in France. Last night, they rocked the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA, a cozy spot jam-packed with diehard fans, including the likes of Gabriel Iglesias (aka Fluffy).

With over three decades in the game, Green Day dove deep into their repertoire, kicking off with the iconic “American Idiot.” Immediately jump-starting an energy that House of Blues could hardly contain. As the night progressed, Green Day even treated the crowd to their entire new album, Saviors. The vibe was electric as they tore up the stage for a solid two hours, showing off the kind of stamina that comes with years of rocking out.

The audience spanned generations, from kids to grandparents, showing just how far-reaching Green Day’s fanbase truly is. From spontaneous mosh pits to crowd surfing, the energy in the room was palpable, with everyone feeding off each other’s excitement. Everything fell into place for a magical evening for a special group of fans that were fortunate enough to snag tickets for this secret pop-up show that was announced one hour before tickets went on sale.

Last night was a special sneak peek at what promises to be an epic tour. If it’s anything like the Anaheim show, fans can expect a wild ride filled with infectious energy and the timeless appeal that Green Day has mastered over the years.

Get tickets for their upcoming tour dates HERE.


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