Real Estate Launch Quarantour

Real Estate. have launched their global “Quarantour”
Real Estate “Quarantour”

Real Estate. have launched their global “Quarantour,” an augmented reality experience that brings fans as close to a live concert as possible without having to leave home. Complete with the band’s five-piece stage setup backed by full light and sound rigs, between-song banter, even (spoiler alert) an encore, the interactive mobile web app turns the self-isolated space of one’s choosing into a three-dimensional rock venue to explore and enjoy. To see how it works, check out the demo here:

To start the show, head to on an iPhone or Android device (note: iPhones must use Safari in iOS 11 or later).

“Sadly, we’re all stuck indoors right now,” the band says in the intro of their Quarantour set. “And it seemed to us like we could all use a few songs now more than ever. We hope this brings good times into your homes, wherever they are.” Real Estate produced the Quarantour in partnership with CALLEN, an independent creative agency based in Austin, TX. Founder and CCO Craig Allen explains:

Collectively we wondered if there was a way to bring a live experience to fans when no one can leave their home. Instead of having a set time when everyone must join a live stream, what if we could make this an on demand experience people could use whenever/wherever the feeling strikes? That’s what augmented reality affords us.

Real Estate
Set List

Paper Cup
Also A But
Silent World
The Main Thing

Quarantour Credits
Founder, CCO: Craig Allen
Art Director: Matt Nall
Writer: Kyle Davis
Producer: Christian Colasuonno

Production Company: Unicorns & Unicorns
Head of Digital: Ralph Kuijpers
Art Director: Ceara Adamson
Technical Director: Sun Komen