Psychic Graveyard Stream ‘Loud As Laughter’

Psychic Graveyard Stream their forthcoming release 'Loud As Laughter.'
Psychic Graveyard 'Loud As Laughter'

Noise Rock pioneers, Eric Paul (Arab On Radar, Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student), Paul Vieira (Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student), and Nathan Joyner (Some Girls, All Leather, Hot Nerds) venture through uncharted territory with their new band, Psychic Graveyard. Nathan Joyner’s grinding synths and “found sound” buries the seed of each song deep into the fertile ground – while Paul Vieira’s manic, fuzzed-out guitars and Eric Paul’s obsessive lyrics shower the proceedings with equal parts sunshine and rain.

According to the band, the songwriting process for this project was unusual for them. Throughout 2018, San Diego-based Joyner would send files filled with the skeletons of songs to Vieira and Paul in Providence, Rhode Island. The two would add their parts, and then the songs would undergo an arduous, back and forth until all of the members agreed on the final version. The distance of the members and the anomalous approach to writing resulted in a diverse, yet coherent album that picks-up and drops-off the listener at dramatically different places. Like nerve endings spliced and sewn back together, the process spawned a whole new auditory system – which serves as the infrastructure for Psychic Graveyard.

Listen to Loud As Laughter, ahead of it’s May 17th release.

Psychic Graveyard
Loud As Laughter
Track listing

01. Loud As Laughter
02. These Are My Wires
03. The Night
04. Cheap Casket
05. That’s Not Blood
06. Sleeps With Knives
07. Dead In Different Places
08. Victim Of A Talk Radio Crisis
09. I Know That Man

Eric Paul – Vocals
Paul Vieira – Guitar
Nathan Joyner – Synthesizers