Provoker Shares “Debt Collector” Video

Provoker Shares Video For “Debt Collector.” The Los Angeles bases post-punk band's latest single is now available via YEAR0001
Provoker photo credit Photo Credit Isak Berglund Matsson-Marn)

Provoker have returned with a new song and video for “Debt Collector”, an immersive journey, across life and death, through the depths to weigh the human soul.

Directed by Gustav Stegfors (Drain Gang, Yung Lean, Nike), the video takes over Slakthuset (a former slaughterhouse) to begin the tale of a hulking repo man. A concentrated blast of post-punk barely reaching two minutes, vocalist Christian Crow Petty steps into the role, admonishing an unseen debtor and making clear that they’re gonna “have to clean their act up.” The video takes this premise to the next level, with Petty appearing supersized and blue, an immortal, unstoppable repo man coming to claim what’s his. He smashes and bashes his way through stone, metal, and flesh to collect it in glorious b-movie fashion.

Los Angeles-based Provoker are inspired by a horror screening attended by the two founding members, resulting in a union that is visually and thematically captivating. Their sound is a combination of falsetto R&B vocals with an edgy new wave/post-punk soundscape. So far, the group has released one EP, Dark Angel, and the LP, Body Jumper the latter having been released via YEAR0001 (Yung Lean, Viagra Boys). The band has cultivated notable Swedish collaborations with acclaimed directors, producers, and photographers. Further extending their global footprint, they’ve toured extensively across the US and UK/Europe, supporting their previous LP, Body Jumper.

Order Debt Collector by “Provoker” HERE


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