“Posters” By Long Beard & Ryan Galloway

Long Beard, is the musical project of artist Leslie Bear, today they have shared “Posters,” a collaboration with Ryan Galloway of the band Crying and Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast’s side project BUMPER.

Following the release of 2019’s dream pop success Means To Me, Bear took some time for reflection. Re-emerging with her first new song in four years, “Posters” leans heavy into the pop side of her world. The track highlights Galloway’s upbeat pop production with its anthemic structure and disco bass, combined with their dream pop textures and sparkling ambience.

“‘Posters’ is a song about needing to confront and accept change. Realizing that things you once took for granted aren’t there for you anymore,” Bear explains. “It’s difficult, but you do your best to let go of the past and move forward. While writing the song, I tried to capture that bittersweet feeling of having outgrown a childhood bedroom- losing connections to interests and items that once inspired you and kept you safe. The idea came about soon after I had to move to a new apartment (the 3rd over 2 years during the pandemic), and after having moved so many times, I didn’t have the energy to hang up any of my usual decorations to feel more at home.”

“I made the song with Ryan Galloway, who has been a long time friend and one of my favorite musicians/producers,” she adds. “I sent him the bare bones of the song, which was just vocals and guitar, and then he added drums, synths, and bass. He basically made the song a lot more fun and bouncy. After that, it took me forever to mix, which was a fun and challenging learning experience for me. This was the first time I feel like I really focused on a song from a production standpoint and wanted to step away from my comfort zone by making something that’s structurally and sonically more pop oriented.”

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