“Planetary Vision / 惑星のビジョン” By Yuji Namiki

Japanese sound artist Yuji Namiki’s emotionally psychedelic, deeply personal, and progressive take on Japanese ambient builds on the legacy of artists like Hiroshi Yoshimura in earnest, bucking the trend of mere stylish homage. Planetary Vision is the follow-up to Namiki’s 2020 LP Nu Vision, and is in parts inspired by the sounds of Visible Cloaks— or label-mates Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

From Yuji Namiki:

My previous work, Nu Vision, was a conversation with my soul and an expression of the visions I received from my soul. This work is an extension of that, but the main part is a dialogue with the earth, expressing the beautiful visions and vibrations I received from the earth through my soul. That is why I named it Planetary Vision.

I also receive daily literature and information about the Japanese gods, New Age, spiritual masters, the spiritual world, and the universe, so their influence on my work is great.

Times are changing, and I think there are fewer people who think that spirituality is something dubious as in the past. It is more difficult to believe that intelligent life exists only on earth in this infinite universe, and I believe that everyone is beginning to recognize the voice of the soul coming from deep within. The choice to accept that voice or to continue to ignore it is up to each individual, and I am by no means trying to tell you what to do. I choose to follow the voice of my soul. That is all. For me, spirituality is about living 100% purely and carefully with my true self and remembering my true self. I feel that my soul led me there by daring to give me difficult experiences in my twenties.

This album was produced based on the energy received from the earth, which is moving one step ahead of us humans toward love and light. I decided to release this album in the hope that it will be one of the countless pieces of the puzzle to build a future of true harmony and peace, remembering that everything that exists on this planet is part of nature, and lives as our soul’s true self, which is love and light”.

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