Lamplight Announce Debut Album

Lamplight AKA: Ian Hatcher-Williams, has announced his self-titled debut album will be released on March 8th, 2024 via Western Vinyl
Lamplight photo by Credit: Joshua H. Chang

Lamplight AKA: Ian Hatcher-Williams, has announced his self-titled debut album will be released on March 8th, 2024. Along with news Lamplight has shared the lead single “Call Your Mom,” which articulates the modern struggle to keep in touch with those who matter to us most. “There’s this lightning-like pang of the heart that comes to you when you’re drunk in a bar, far away from your first home, thinking of those you’ve loved. It’s so heavy it has mass,” explains Hatcher-Williams of the song featuring pedal steel accents by album producer Kevin Copeland (Lightning Bug). “It’s not altogether remorseful, but rather this other thing, hot to the touch, pulsing with gratitude and joy and longing, about to burst, and you keep it beside you. You get up in the morning and go back to work. Hopefully you call your mom.”

Hatcher-Williams, born into a New Age community headquartered in southwest Virginia, spent his early years entrenched in art studies and playing in various bands, before studying design and programming at a local community college. A job opportunity led him to relocate to New York with his wife, where he would soon co-found a digital design agency, and his musical ambitions fell to the wayside. The stress of this demanding career and city life began to take a severe toll on his mental and physical health, as well as his marriage; he started dreaming of a simpler life with his partner and eventually parted ways with the company. It was a chance encounter with an old farmhouse in rural Virginia that instantly provided a much-needed sense of home, and led the unmoored pair to return to their native state. In the year between deciding he needed to move back and realizing it, Hatcher-Williams wrote and recorded what would become Lamplight, attempting to process and distill some of his experiences into songs.

track listing
Western Vinyl

1. Play
2. Confrontation
3. Stillness
4. Lamplight
5. Call Your Mom
6. House Rules
7. Soft Blue
8. Empathy
9. Honey

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