Pip Blom Collaborate With Personal Trainer

Pip Blom have shared "Kiss Me By The Candlelight" ft: Personal Trainer the new single is off their forthcoming album Bobbie, out 10/20
Pip Blom photo by Photo credit: Sanja Marusic

Pip Blom have shared “Kiss Me By The Candlelight”, the new single is off their forthcoming album Bobbie, due out on October 20th via Heavenly Recordings. Blom’s partner and vocalist of fellow Dutch indie band Personal Trainer, Willem Smit, features on the track. Talking about the track, which recalls Metronomy with its minimal, funky disco pop, Pip said:

“Long before Willem (from Personal Trainer) and I started seeing each other we had written a song together. We were 16 and barely knew one another. It was uncomfortable and we were both really shy. but I’ve always really really liked the track. Over the years we’ve been writing stuff on and off. It wasn’t always easy cause both have very different ways of working and aren’t really used to writing with someone else, but we’ve managed to write some of my favorite songs together. It’s funny how there are always parts in the tracks that we’ve made together that are written for the other person. Melodies, sounds or rhythms, you know what the other person likes, and want them to like what you write. So when Dave asked me if I’d ever thought about writing a track with Willem I didn’t have to think long. “Kiss Me By the Candlelight” was a song we had written not that long ago. It was a perfect fit for the album. It’s danceable, a bit quirky, and a perfect blend of the two of us.”

On her previous albums, Blom wrote songs on the guitar, hoping that the studio process would then allow her to live out her pop dreams through final flourishes added during the recording process. “But we were always then running out of time,” she remembers, “and they ended up as just guitar-y albums.” For Bobbie, work with synthesisers and computers began from the very beginning, and she recruited producer ​​Dave McCracken in a co-writer role to make sure the vision was fully realised.

Elsewhere, McCracken helped her push through initial shyness to reach out to Alex Kapranos of former Pip Blom tourmates Franz Ferdinand, who hops on the album’s “Is This Love?”.

Pip Blom
Heavenly Recordings

1. Not Tonight
2. Tiger
3. Red
4. Kiss Me By The Candlelight
5. I Can Be Your Man
6. Where’d You Get My Number
7. Brand New Car
8. Is This Love?
9. Fantasies
10. Again
11. Get Back
12. 7 Weeks

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