Parker Premieres new track “Aqua Dust”

Parker streams new "Track "Aqua Dust".

This August sees the return of Parker to his spiritual home at Jalapeno Records. He returns with a brand new 3 track EP – Aqua Dust. Jalapeno fans remember him as one half of label favourites The Beekeepers with his compadre Boca45. Since he was last Beekeeping he’s been keeping busy with his hot new Neuropol project releasing on Shogun Audio and Cosmic Bridge before coming home to the label with a clutch of fresh Parker beats.

Aqua Dust is a piece of instrumental hip hop reminiscent of the glory days of RJD2. Horn hits and vocal snaps adorn the heavy hitting beat as it drives through luscious strings samples and dream like bars. Channelling elements of Bristol’s dusty trip hop scene it’s one for the diggers and hip hoppers who like their beats underground.

First appearing into our consciousness as an exclusive track for Jalapeno Funk Vol. 7 we knew that Doubles was too good to not appear on a full Parker release. And here it is closing out the EP with its soulful vocals, 60’s influenced organ and skipping drumbeat.

Quote from Parker:

The Aqua Dust track and ep as a whole is just me going back to my musical roots. I wanted to go back to how I used to make beats when I started out, and the kind of music that inspired me in the first place. So I picked up a load of records and got sampling, it’s not polished, it’s not fancy, it’s just going back to vibes. The Aqua dust track was something I started in 2009 as a mess about on the MPC, I re-discovered it  more recently and got well into it and so finished it off by playing some strings over it and doing cuts with horn samples at the end.