Paper Idol Premieres “Ready For Love”

Paper Idol premieres "Ready for Love"
Paper Idol "Ready for Love"

Indie electro-pop artist Matan KG, AKA: Paper Idol, will release his new EP, Money For Flowers on June 10th. Ahead of the album’s arrival, Paper Idol has given us a taste, with his new single “Ready For Love.” The track should be one of your favourite dance tunes of the summer!

Matan KG (Paper Idol) on “Ready For Love:”

“My original goal with “Ready For Love” was to make something you could hear in a lobby of some ritzy hotel and think, ‘this actually doesn’t suck.’ By the time Adam [keyboards] and I finished, we made the chorus so intense that I don’t think any hotels will play it in their lobbies. The lyrics are about being deep in love and losing yourself in the process.”

“Ready For Love”

Every time I feel like being alone
You ask for my attention
Silence at the door
But you came back for more
It wasn’t right

Every time that I hang up the phone
You dial the extension
Ask the operator
For the strongest stuff he has under the knife

Every single second’s not enough for you

Nobody’s ever ready for love
Ready for love the way that you are baby
Nobody’s ever ready for love
Ready for love the way that you are baby

Can’t forget the days you picked me up
And left me in suspension
High above the water
On a bridge that’s breaking up with every pound

And I need to believe
That the lord above is pleased
With his invention
So I’ll pretend I’m weak
I’ll turn the other cheek
And wont make a sound

Paper Idol
Money For Flowers EP

01. I’m Fantastic
02. Money For Flowers
03. Ready For Love
04. Chigasaki Warriors


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