Oma debut new video for “Ti Baba”

Reunion Island duo, Oma are debuting their new video for "Ti Baba." The pair are releasing their debut EP this spring via Infinite Companion.
OMA photo by Yann Huet

OMA, are a duo from, Reunion Island, located on the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and Mauritius. The pair are releasing their debut EP this spring via Infinite Companion. Married duo Roman and Gaël put their classical training to fascinating use in their thoughtful blend of electronic, pop and world music. There’s finesse in every note, many of which are designed to intrigue the ear, rather than please it.

“Ti Baba,” a welcome song to a newborn child — Romane’s niece, specifically. Because she did not have money to purchase a gift for the baby, Romane offered her a song intended to deliver peace, serenity and good energy. The video is a captivating demontration of the duo’s training in polyrhythm.

Romane on the song:

“Ti Baba” was written as a welcome song for my sister’s first child. I offered this song as a gift because I think a song is the best present a human can get.

Romane and Gaël on the video:

We really wanted to represent the body percussions visually. The idea of the powder came from the festival of Holi in India, which celebrates spring and the rebirth of flowers with vibrant colors. The colors in the video actually have representational meaning at the festival — orange for optimism and blue for vitality. At the very end of the video, when Romane moves her hands downwards, it’s a sign to represent the arrival of the baby.


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