“Ode” Louis Prince

Jake McMullen AKA: Louis Prince, has shared the official music video for the third single from his debut album, Ode . The “Ode” video stars two of the tallest women in the world, Ekaterina Lisina and Katia Lebedynska who get up to some nefarious activities in the woods. It was directed by Kevin Clark who has also worked with Vince Staples, Son Little, St. Lucia and more.

Clark explains the origins of the “Ode” video:

“The concept came about in a dream that I had, where I was planted in the ground and pulled out of a deep hole by two women living in the woods. Not really sure what that means for my own psychology… But [Jake and I] both agreed it fit Ode. It echoes the questions of how we got here and why. Since you are here and alive… for an uncertain amount of time, what does that mean for you and everyone else living alongside you? Take a good look at your neighbors or the meat industry and you’ll find the same dilemmas phrased in this video. Its a relief actually when not everything is just a self internalized “existential feeling”… this exists in the world. There’s a place for us to do something about it.”

McMullen explains the origins of “Ode” and reflects on making the video:

“I was thinking a lot about the idea of birth and coming into the world full of innocence wanting to own, feel and experience everything. Asking the question of where we come from and who or what is God? But not necessarily looking for the answers.

We shot the video upstate in Ancramdale, NY about three hours outside of the city. The shoot ended up being a pretty daunting task— we were working almost 24 hours nonstop. I saw my place in all of this as learning to trust and give whenever was needed to do so. I think everyone realized how serious Kevin and I were when I had to lay in a dirt hole at 11pm, freezing, naked, developing what was probably a small case of hypothermia so we could get this one shot. Hindsight would never agree to do something like that again but I’m happy with the end result.”


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