“NY Sorrow” By Spiral Heads

Brooklyn/Boston-based Spiral Heads’ music is inspired by the greats, 60s Kinks and Pretty Things, 70s Buzzcocks and Wire, the raw energy of early 80’s Blitz and The Adolescents, the icey darkness of The Chameleons and Echo and the Bunnymen, and the anthemic pop sensibility of early 90’s Teenage Fanclub and Ride.

Spiral Heads includes Simon Doom (Modest Mouse, MGMT), Jim Carroll (American Nightmare) and Q (Doomriders), the three-piece formed after many years of knowing one another to pay homage to their collective musical roots. In October 2019, the band released their first self-titled ep (Spiral Heads) through Quiet Panic/Bridge 9. In early March (2020), Spiral Heads decided to set up a couple mics in their Brooklyn rehearsal space and record some new songs they had been working on. One such result was “Nothing New” , a song about bringing learned behavior from past relationships into current ones. If they had waited only a couple more days, the covid-19 quarantine would have prevented this burst of creation from coming to fruition, reminding us that though time is a construct, timing is important. “Nothing New b/w What’s Going on in Your Head” was released as a digital single in August of the same year.

Unable to get together in person, the 3 band members would spend the remainder of the lockdown sending each other unfinished demos and song ideas for feedback. These new songs evolved in sound as well, many of them featuring Jim and Simon sharing the role of lead singer. The solitude and heaviness of the years past informed a more laid back and somber approach to songwriting, with lyrics focused on loneliness, death, and self-awareness. What came out of this was reminiscent of late 70’s power pop through an 80’s Hardcore lens: think Flamin’ Groovies featuring members of Gray Matter and the Sound.

As the world slowly began to open up, the band was still not without barriers, not all of which were negative. For example, Simon had the opportunity to join Modest Mouse in 2021, leading to consistent time on the road and making recording/getting together as a band even more challenging. Still, Spiral Heads remained committed to being a band, and were finally able to physically regroup. In the winter of 2022, they took their birth of new material to Academy Fight Songs (Red Hook, Brooklyn). Under the guidance of producer Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits), the band knocked out 13 moody and simultaneously energetic bangers in a little more than a week. The rough tracks were then forwarded to Noel Heroux (Hooray For Earth, Mass Gothic) to be mixed.

From Simon Doom:  “NY SORROW is based on two of my favorite songs… “SF Sorrow” by the Pretty Things (in name alone) and “New Age” by Blitz. But instead of being about whatever those songs are about, it’s about watching the New York transplants quickly and steadily disappear from my neighborhood during the first few months of the pandemic. Those who were left, in many cases, had no other option but to stay – nowhere to escape to …. I was in that category. That sucked”.

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