“North Of Something” By Gold Lake

Carlos Del Amo and Lua Rios’ Gold Lake, have shared a new single “North Of Something.” The track is lifted from their forthcoming album Weightless, available October 20th and co-produced by Aaron Dessner of the National and Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear who plays on today’s single, with Phil Ek mixing the LP. “North Of Something” the band says, “the song reflects the struggle with the idea of not being able to fully match an idealistic yet necessary view on how we would like to conduct ourselves in this crumbling world to help save it, with our more hedonistic desire to live life with everything modern society has to offer, at least for those of us lucky enough with access to it all.”

For this video, we wanted to align the significance and importance this song has for us with the visual concept, so we chose a very special location to film it. Inside a park, on the edge of the city, surrounded by greenery and centenarian trees, there is a monument, a homage from the city of Madrid to one of the greatest poets in the Spanish language: Miguel Hernández. To anyone who doesn’t know, Miguel Hernández was a sublime writer, his poems are breath-taking and have influenced generations of artists. He was brutally tortured by Franco’s fascist regime for being a free thinker on the side of the Republicans (the progressive side) during the Civil War that ensued after Franco staged a coup d’état on the democratically chosen government in 1936. Sentenced to death, Miguel Hernández died before his execution due to very severe bronquitis and tuberculosis he contracted while in prison. Just before dying, he married his wife before a priest, in the prison’s infirmary, because the new fascist regime wouldn’t have acknowledged their civil marriage. It is said they were unable to close his eyes after he passed. “Let my voice rise to the mountains / And on falling earthward thunder, / That is what my throat is craving / Now and always.” We are so lucky because our friend, the outstanding and famed bailaor (flamenco dancer), Eduardo Guerrero, performed his magic, beauty and intention through dance to our music. It was incredible to watch. It sometimes seems like the earth stops spinning as he moves, creating a slow-motion effect, but it is all real! We thank him so much for doing this with us. As well as thanking Blanca Del Amo, for filming it and managing to capture the beauty with such ease. It was all very last minute, It was all very last minute, and we didn’t have any lighting nor even a proper video camera, for that matter. It was filmed with a photographic camera. Yet, it completely embodies the emotions and sentiment of the music we wrote, and we hope you will love it as much as we do!

Gold Lake

1. Moonlight Delta
2. Hidden Lovers
3. Traveller
4. North of Something
5. Simple Fire
6. Weightless Arrows
7. Back To My Soul
8. Never Lost Sight
9. Cities
10. Comes To You

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