“Traveller” by Gold Lake

“Traveller” by Gold Lake is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
Gold Lake Photo by Nicole Mago

On October 20 the duo Gold Lake – Carlos Del Amo and Lua Rios – will release Weightless, their first album in almost a decade. Today they reveal a new single off the LP, the dazzling and hypnotic “Traveller.”

The band share, “”Traveller” tries to express the idea of living life with hope, of moving forward, finding new horizons, original thought (the core concept of the entire album), and being able to share it with someone/humanity.This song had a slightly different sound and cadence when we took it to Long Pond to work on it with Aaron Dessner. He was the one who transported it to the piano, instead of the focal point being on the guitar, thus giving the guitar the possibility of opening up and creating other spaces and textures, with somewhat more industrial sounds for the beginning, and a New Wave-y feel in the choruses. Aaron helped us elevate it to a sonic dream-like plane, futuristic in its atmospheric hues. Then with Chris Bear on drums, and Chris Taylor on bass they were able to give it a deeper-end base, and an earthly, city contrast, to create that spacious world in which the song lives.”

Speaking of the video they note, “It is a video diary of sorts which covers the bright parts of these past few years and in particular the making of this song. There are images of the beautiful souls who have helped us make this song, and the lovely studios we had the pleasure of recording at. But it also includes pics and videos of our travels, both with and without the band. As the traveller in the song, forever seeking new horizons, always on the move, always trying to absorb life in order to channel it into the music.”

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