Nonkeen Announces Second Full-Length

Nonkeen Announces Second Full-Length album 'Oddments of The Gamble,'

Nonkeen returns to R&S Records with the follow up to their debut album The Gamble. Oddments of the Gamble is a continuation of the unique, analogue concoctions that formed the first album – very much like a ‘part two’ in many ways. Although it inevitably draws on a similar formula to the previous LP – pensive loops and melodies, sweeping arpeggios, post-rock jams, and rolling jazz breaks – Oddments of the Gamble still stands alone as another statement from the trio despite originating from the same recording session. Oddments of The Gamble will be released July 15th on R&S Records.

The German trio fronted by Nils Frahm has shared “Diving Platform,” a track with swirls of pink noise and hazy ambience centered around a propulsive groove. The Independent premiered the track along with an interview with the band.

nonkeen’s history has always been shaped by the mysterious convergence of coincidence with the band’s steady exploration of as yet unheard sounds. After all, ever since Frederic Gmeiner, Nils Frahm and Sepp Singwald discovered, in their childhood days, a shared passion for rudimentary tape machines, they’ve refused to shy away from letting their music respond to the erratic nature of their recording process. What started as a playground radio show in a suburb of Hamburg, where Gmeiner and Frahm experimented with their cassette players and the noises of their daily environment, soon developed into a long-lasting friendship, and eventually led to the foundation of nonkeen.

Choosing only their favorite tracks for the debut album The Gamble turned out to be a challenging endeavor: there were still too many for a single album. The only solution, therefore – according to the band – was to make several albums, but this didn’t make things much easier: the next question was which album to release. Refusing to let such matters get the better of them, they agreed to flip a coin: let Chance decide and the band would follow, with the winning album known as The Gamble. But the warm reception that followed its release flattered Gmeiner, Frahm and Singwald, encouraging them to make available the collection that had first lost the toss: The Oddments Of The Gamble. After all, everything – just like everyone – deserves a second chance.

1. Kessettenkarussel

2. Told and Small

3. The Journey of Hello Peter

4. Diving Platform

5. People In Dresden Out For A Walk / Reisegenuss

6. Happy Juno

7. Back and Forth

8. Glow

9. World Air

10. Obviously Algebra

11. Copy of Crazy

12. The Monkey In the Machine

13. Schwertfisch


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