“Night Bird” by Sally Seltmann

"Night Bird" by Sally Seltmann is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the singer/songwriter's LP Early Moon, out 8/2
"Night Bird" by Sally Seltmann is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Australian singer/songwriter Sally Seltmann releases new album Early Moon on August 2 via Three of Hearts/Arts & Crafts. Ahead of the album’s arrival the chanteuse has shared the single “Night Bird.” The album was produced by Darren Seltmann co-founder of The Avalanches, and is richly layered with guitars, drum beats, piano, harmonies and synths all combined with Sally’s vocals.

Sally says, “When I was living in Silver Lake – in a small house on a hill – there was a loud, chirping bird in the garden. It would only start up when it was dark and it would keep me awake all night. I called it the Night Bird and I wrote this song in it’s honor. Imagine how free it must feel under moonlight and stars, I’d think to myself, while staring at the dark ceiling, my worries tangled up inside my mind. And that was what became one of the main sentiments of thBorn into a large musical family, Sally Seltmann has always had an interest in both the personal lives of others and her own inner workings. These themes run through her two New Buffalo albums as well as the albums she released with Arts & Crafts under her own name – 2010’s Heart That’s Pounding and 2013’s Hey Daydreamer. But when Sally co-wrote worldwide hit ‘1234’ for Feist – her path took an unexpected turn. She released an album with her band Seeker Lover Keeper, featuring Sarah Blasko and Holly Throsby and then relocated to Los Angeles, where she began writing songs with and for many different artists.

This was an enthralling role change, like a creative position had opened up in the Mad Men office – all-consuming and terribly seductive. But there came a time when Sally realised she needed to write and record another solo album. Unfortunately for Sally, her realisation came hand in hand with her falling to pieces.

“I was at the Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, in the emergency department,” remembers Sally. “I was sitting in a wheelchair with a large pink blanket over me. A box of tissues was resting in my lap, and tears were streaming down my face.” Sally had presented to emergency with a severe pain in her side, but as she sat there amongst Hollywood’s aging and broken boned, she realized she may have been dealing with more than just physical pain. Not long after this Sally moved back to Sydney, Australia where she was diagnosed with Bipolar Type II. This shed some light on what treatment she needed to feel well. e song. Our shared desire to be free. Free like the wind in the trees.”

Sally Seltmann
Early Moon
Arts & Crafts

1. Please Louise
2. Table For One
3. Don’t Look Back
4. Night Bird
5. Female Pied Piper
6. Lovers Lie
7. Float With You
8. We Are Young
9. Real Born Tragic
10. Fill My Senses

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