Night Beats Debut New Single “Blue”

Night Beats debut new single "Blue." The track is off their forthcoming album Rajan, available July 14th via Suicide Squeeze / Fuzz Club
Night Beats Photo by Chris Keller

Night Beats has shared final single “Blue,” a track off their forthcoming album Rajan. available July 14th via Suicide Squeeze/Fuzz Club records. Which Blackwell says, “I struggle describing my process because most of it is just doing, or not doing. For “Blue” it came together when I added the bassline and west coast whistle sound, I wanted it to ride, and it took me along. Finding the words is a process of surrender, sometimes desperation, bliss or fear. I become the song, to tell it. I’ve lost and found my mind through gospel music, Ethiopiques, Lauren Hill, Patsy Cline and Tony Allen drumming. I only know what works for me, and let rhythm and harmony be my guide.”

“Blue” follows Night Beats previous single “Nightmare,” which Blackwell describes, “I wanted to hear sounds and cries of unconditional, blind love. I wanted swirling, fitful guitars, speaking in tongues, thrashing around in a chest trying to break free. A call and response to the blood curdling voice of a lost soul, ringing out, pleading for understanding. Rajan is laced with distant, layered choral groups, exploring pathways paved by Isley Brothers, David Ruffin, Grace Slick and other psychedelic soul pioneers of the time. I wanted to hear the sounds of service to the ones you love, even being blinded by it. This song creates a circle, if you’re listening. A cascading roadmap through a nightmare. Thunder and lightning, flashing neon blue lights, rhetorical puzzles.”

Pre-order Rajan by Night Beats HERE


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