“Hot Ghee” By Night Beats

Danny Lee Blackwell AKA: Night Beats’ music is described as a Spaghetti Western film score combined with psych-pop grooves. Some songs toy with Anatolian funk and Western-tinged R&B, others with 70s Brazilian psychedelia, Chicano soul, rock steady and Lee “Scratch” Perry-inspired dub. The artist forthcoming album Rajan, arrives on July 14th via Suicide Squeeze/Fuzz Club.

Album opener “Hot Ghee” not only sets the stage for where the album will head, but establishes Rajan as a scalding-hot take on the intersection of psych-rock, jazz, blues, soul, hip-hop, and more. It’s a wildly diverse and thrilling album, yet remains remarkably cohesive in Blackwell’s deft hands. “Hot Ghee” is built around sultry guitar chords, layers of interacting vocals, swinging drums, a small army of tambourines, and subtle piano runs that gives the song a melodic edge.

“Hot Ghee,” and all of Rajan, is such a special record because it simultaneously showcases Danny Lee’s chops as a world class songwriter, while showcasing the types of music he loves as a fan. Blackwell is one of our most impressive musicians, but he’s also an obsessive listener. Take “Hot Ghee’s” bridge, which moves the song from burnt-edge funk to Sgt. Pepper era Beatles. It’s an unpredictable move, but one that works to perfection thanks to Blackwell’s execution.

Night Beats
Squeeze/Fuzz Club
1. Hot Ghee
2. Blue
3. Nightmare
4. Motion Picture
5. Anxious Mind
6. Thank You
7. Osaka
8. Dusty Jungle
9. Cautionary Tale
10. 9 To 5
11. Morocco Blues

Night Beats 2023 Tour Dates

April 19 – San Diego, CA @ Whistle Stop
April 20 – Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar
April 21 – Fullerton, CA @ Continental Room
April 29 – Austin, TX @ Austin Psych Fest w/ Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels, Raveonettes, etc.

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