“New Life” by El Mar

"New Life" by El Mar is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Game'
El Mar

El Mar is singer/songwriter, Joey Primero, alongside a collective of NYC-based musicians (most of which attended Berklee College of Music). They released their debut EP The Road in 2015 and their debut album, “Try To Forget”, in 2017. “New Life” is the first track of their forthcoming EP, Walking With Dogs, which is due out this Spring. The record was written while Primero was, well, walking with dogs, after leaving a career in the music industry, where she had worked as a music publicist. It was recorded in two days in Brooklyn in the Fall of 2017. The band is: Joey Primero (vocalist/songwriter), Fred Sladkey (guitarist), Ryan Gleason (bassist), Will Haywood Smith (drummer), Paige Borden (background vocals)

Quote from Joey Primero on “New Life”

“New Life” is about a friendship coming to an end, and feeling jealous of this new world they’ve created without you. It was actually the first track I wrote for this new EP, too.